Who We Are

The LaBranche Wetland Watchers is a school-based service-learning project primarily funded through a grant from the Louisiana Lieutenant Governor’s Learn and Serve America Commission. Over 35 separate partnerships with local, regional, state, and federal agencies, universities, non-profit foundations, local businesses and international corporations also play an integral role in the success of this project.


Each year, over 1100 fifth through seventh grade students attend service trips to our adopted site in the Bonnet Carre Spillway. Throughout the school year, students plan and participate in activities such as water quality monitoring, macro-invertebrate collection and identification, litter clean-ups, soil and plant identification, and tree planting. This year students have focused on creating what will one day be the first public nature trail in our region. All service activities are tied to required academic standards in each of their core subject areas.


Students use what they have learned while guiding over 500 fifth and sixth graders on wetland trips each year. Over the last six years, Hurst students have spoken to over 45,000 adults and students about wetland conservation during outreach events. Through education, service, and awareness, students lead a community effort for wetland conservation.